Sales & Marketing Executive

25 years of leading global sales & marketing teams to exponential growth.  Proven success in the finance and technology sectors.

Specialties include SaaS, startups, strategic partnerships, digital marketing, business development, service providers, enterprise software, and professional training.

Husband and father who enjoys camping, golf, and skiing.


Jed Reitler, MBA

reitler.com | jed@reitler.com | 949.302.1215


Versatile leader with an international record of business development, marketing, deal negotiation, and P&L management.  Proven leadership of global sales and marketing teams with profitable results across industries.  Expertise with fast-growing startups and exponentially expanding profitable revenue.

Renewal by Andersen      Boston, MA

Direct Marketing Manager

2023 – Present

Managing neighborhood canvassing campaigns through recruiting, coaching, role playing, training, turf planning, logistics and operations management, supply management, analysis and reporting, and P&L management.

Credit Glory     Boston, MA

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

2020 – 2023

Revamped and streamlined a global sales team to boost efficiency and profitability in 18 months.  Lead sales and digital marketing of FinTech and consumer credit repair.

  • Increased revenue per agent 27%
  • Increased deals per agent 23%
  • Increased calls per agent 15%
  • Lowered sales expenses 67%
  • Lowered price discounts 26%
  • Lowered unhandled leads 96%

VADAR Systems     Boston, MA

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

2014 – 2020

Grew profitable revenues of 2 divisions, including a startup business unit.  Created innovative omnichannel marketing campaigns that increased brand equity, opened new business channels, and created new business partnerships.

  • Increased new accounts 275% and new revenue 620% to $3.8m
  • Grew lead generation 210% and lead conversion 120%
  • Lowered online service expenses 98%

Cisco Systems     Irvine, CA

Sales Finance Executive

2008 – 2014

Managed strategic growth of Cisco’s $820m cloud and data center technologies. Led negotiation teams coordinating Sales, Legal, and Product Management functions.  Optimized deal pricing for profitable solution portfolios.

  • Implemented a new capital leasing model for on-demand cloud sales
  • Optimized deals to expand sales from $240m to $820m in one year
  • Earned 2 awards for team leadership and sales finance innovations

Northrop Grumman     Los Angeles, CA

Contract and Pricing Manager

1996 – 2000

Managed new deal pricing and all contracts for new technologies and the $900m F/A-18 Super Hornet program.  Negotiated major deals and financing solutions for defense contracts.

  • Won 80% of proposals to capture $50m in new business
  • Earned 2 Nunn-Perry awards for outstanding mentor-protégé programs
  • Created a new database for all Super Hornet contracts and pricing


Bachelor of Science (BS), Microbiology & Molecular Genetics

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) 1995

Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

Loyola Marymount University (LMU) 1998


Applicable skills assessed via Indeed.com

Jed Reitler VP Sales Marketing, Reitler, business development, sales, marketing


“Enterpriser” Traits Summary by Culture Index

Naturally decisive, this person is aware of the issues at hand without being overly concerned for the specific problems. This problem solver is happy taking on potentially risky situations and conquering them. Will expect latitude and authority when taking on obstacles and does not willingly accept no as an answer. This person prefers working with objects and tasks rather than people. They have interest in working with others and leading small groups working on productive tasks. Their management style is straightforward and can be abrupt. They expect others to grasp a situation as quickly as they do and when others fail, this person’s lack of empathy can be obvious. This individual acts immediately and wants to complete work as it arrives, even if it means completing several tasks at once. They prefer variety in their work and are energized by pressure and altered demands. They can be a distracting force when placed in redundant work situations.

This is an aggressive problem solver. Naturally prone to taking charge, this person may expect others to see their concepts and become impatient with those who lack vision. This person may seem aloof and might take their time gaining familiarity with others. Introspective, they naturally fill positions requiring technical, tangible knowledge or the ability to deal with objects rather than people. They are skeptics and do not take a stranger’s word at face value, but require proof to accept new concepts and ideas. They are quiet, reserved and direct speakers.

This person likes variation in their work, but is capable of focusing on redundant tasks for short periods of time without losing interest. This person may seem compliant in most situations but is capable of exhibiting more expeditious behavior when implied from the work assigned. Prefers to delegate the completion of tasks to others, but is capable of limited attention to detail. This person focuses on personal interests and may resist things that get in the way of their agenda. Prefers a loosely formed environment over structure. Emotionally detached, this person may be sympathetic to others, but their unexpressive nature will not allow them to show their feelings readily. They may appear uncaring, but this is an inaccurate assessment. They use logic to problem solve. It is difficult for them to use emotion or empathy. This individual may rely on traditional methods and clichés rather than changing anything that works. They are straightforward thinkers because it never occurs to them to accomplish tasks in any other way.

Due to the work culture, this person is comfortable with the level of risk oriented initiative required of them in this position as it corresponds with their basic traits. This person perceives a modest increase in social ability is required by the work culture. This perception is usually caused by having some job responsibilities that include motivating, encouraging, or persuading others. The position is perceived as requiring quick responses to change and pressure and the ability to handle multiple tasks at one time. These requirements correspond with this individual’s basic traits. This individual perceives a work culture that is based on the need for delegation of detail, establishment of individual priorities and schedules and the ability to proceed with their own priorities. These perceptions correspond with this person’s basic traits. This person is currently in a position that requires the same basic energy level they already possess naturally.


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